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Preventing Flathead Syndrome | MommyBites

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My name is Dr. Jane Scott.  I am a neonatologist/pediatrician and mother of four. I have made it my mission to end the Flathead Syndrome epidemic throughout the world.

Millions of babies each year are being diagnosed with Flathead Syndrome in the US alone!  Every baby is at risk for developing Plagiocephaly (a flattening of the skull) or Torticollis (an imbalance in the neck muscles).  Infants are born with very soft skulls, their heads are heavy and their neck muscles are weak. These qualities, along with the fact that infants spend the majority of their time sleeping on their backs, promote the right environment for baby to develop some form of Flathead Syndrome within the first six months of life. Many studies have now shown that Flathead Syndrome may not only be cosmetic. Babies may also develop sight and hearing abnormalities as well as developmental delays as a result of having Flathead Syndrome.

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