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This baby beanie may look a little different and have a funny name but there is no funny business to what it can do for your baby.

The Tortle is a lightweight, snug beanie that is a cost-effective, preventative solution to flat head syndrome. Did you know positional plagiocephaly (or “flat head syndrome”) is up nearly 600% from 20 years ago? I didn’t know that but it makes sense since the Back To Sleep campaign now has most babies sleeping on their backs for safety which can ultimately lead to a flat head if the child always sleeps the same way.

According to the company, “It is estimated that flat head syndrome now affects 1 in 3 babies by the age of 5 months. A reason for the increase in the condition is that babies are spending much of their day and night in cribs, infant car seats and strollers, frequently up to 20 hours per day. If the parent doesn’t actively reposition the infant’s head from one side to another, flat head syndrome develops rapidly. If the problem is not addressed and corrected by the age of 5-6 months, expensive and unpleasant treatment options can include physical therapy and custom helmets which can exceed total costs of $5,000.”

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